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A Private Investment Club



We can make money in any market via Options either with calls or puts.

We also have honed our skills in Forex and can utilize a portion of everyone's monies to provide an additional wealth stream.

Last, but not least we have invested a portion of everyone's monies in stocks, ETF's and REIT's- 

We also can invest in Metals- such as Gold and Silver.

How much should you invest? That is up to you- we request you do not invest your rent, mortgage, car, food or insurance money, that is money you will need immediately. Most in the club have invested $10,000 and $5000 is what is utilized to start making profits the other $5000 is held in reserve. We strive to preserve capital so once we have the profits we "play with the house's money and protect your capital. We have some members that $10,000 is too much- please contact us to see what we can do- please remember with a smaller amount it takes a while to build.

What do I do if I want my money? The Investment Club account is with Think or Swim and barring any problems on their end you should have a check within a week which is your initial investment plus any profit we have made for you to date. If you can let your monies sit it will compound with each trade which will make more profits for you.

I don't want to invest in the stock market or Forex- do you have something for me? Yes, we have instruments which are not as risky that we can recommend and even get you set up in to protect your principle and make some money for you.

I have over $100,000- what can you do for me? The more money one has to invest the better and more liquid stocks and options we can get into- on average this amount of money has garnered a nice profit per month. While past performance is not indicative of future results it has been done and is still being accomplished monthly.

Why don't you publish your results anymore? Our members requested that we take the Investment Club private and in doing so all of the profits and newsletters go only to them.

Will the Investment Club trade in my retirement account?  Yes we will .

Would someone teach me to trade? Unfortunately, No! Our time is limited with researching the trades, education of our members and paying close attention to those trades for our members.

Whatever profit we make we will split with our members and will provide those profits at the end of the year attached to each members account.


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