Destiny Solutions Corp. sends a bi-monthly newsletter to it's members which tells of the profit/loss for the last two months, informative articles and what the club is invested in at the time and what is being researched   More...

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It is not for everyone- Sometimes you need someone who can do it for you at a reasonable cost. We split our profits with our club members. We feel that is fair and equitable for our research and time in assisting you to grow your wealth. We're here to help.   More...


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If you are interested in a guaranteed 5% monthly Return on Investment. No Fees. Minimum Investment $10,000. 

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It has been reported that Hedge Fund profits have declined 30% in 2015 but their Management Fee is 1.5% of assets and Performance Fee is 18% of profits.  You lose money in profits you lose again in fees. Why would you risk your money and profits?

If you don't know where to turn when it comes to investing your money. Destiny Solutions Corporation can assist. We are a private investment club on average has made 7% monthly, some months have been 10% as well as trades that have doubled for the last 6 years. We cannot guarantee a double every month but we can guarantee 5% per month on your money. Where right now will you find that profit on your money ?- yearly let alone monthly!!

We only trade with 1/2 of every one's investment at any one time to insure we have money to trade. We LOVE what we do. It's true the best person to keep an eye on your money is you... but we are the next best thing!

Do you desire your trades in your account but don't have the time, patience or have to call your broker? I can trade your trades in your account for less than the broker will charge you! It will take trust on your part to provide me with your id and password and the trade you would like to place. I have no way to take money out of your account nor do I desire to ever do so.  I get paid via direct deposit into either my Bitcoin account or my checking account. Let's say you desire to make 5 trades you deposit to me $100 for those five trades and I make them in your account the day I receive your trades. When you desire to make more trades you just deposit the money into either one of my accounts and then I make your trades in your account; provided you have the funds in your account to make the trades. It is as easy as that!  Interested?  Call 517 599-6217.